Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that you may have about BoothEasy Photo Booths. If you have questions that aren’t answered below, please feel free to call us at (512) 953-EASY (3279) or fill out our contact form. If you’re ready to book, send us your info so we’ll send you a quote within 24 hours!

Where can I rent a photo booth?

BoothEasy serves the Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Central Texas, and surrounding areas (which includes cities and towns like: Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Kyle, Buda, Driftwood, Wimberley, Lockhart, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Blanco, Dripping Springs, Spicewood, Jonestown, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Andice, Georgetown, Walburg, Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Lago Vista, Marble Falls, Kingsland, Coupland, Hutto, Taylor, Thrall, Lexington, Rockdale, Manor, Elgin, Smithville and more).

We can also rent a booth for your event in Galveston, Houston, Beaumont, Bryan/College Station, and DFW area. (Additional travel charges may apply) If you’re looking for a national tour or other states, please send us more details about the event(s) through our contact form.

All photo booth rentals include our employees dropping off and setting up the photo booth to your destination (we generally arrive 1 hour before the event). You do not need to come to us to pick it up. All rentals also include our employees packing up and tearing down the photo booth setup.

How do I reserve a booth?

BoothEasy strives to make the photo booth rental process as easy and stress-free as possible. Photo booth rental shouldn’t be a headache. Contact us via our online form, phone, or email and we will take care of the details. To reserve a booth and hold your date is a $200 reservation fee that goes towards your rental balance. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your event.

Take for example:
  1. You contact BoothEasy for an event on May 15th for 4pm, and we confirm we are available and the rental fee is $1000.
  2. You will pay a $200 reservation fee that goes toward your rental balance ($1000 – $200 = $800 remaining).
  3. On April 15th, you will pay the remaining balance ($800)
  4. BoothEasy will show up on May 15th at 3pm (one hour before for set up). At 4pm, your event starts, and everyone is having a great time!
Read more about why you should choose BoothEasy!

Will the booth fit in my venue?

BoothEasy offers several different types of modern photo booth set up that was meant to be flexible and customizable to fit in most venues. We’ve been in varying venues from apartments and houses to convention centers and wedding halls. For our larger open air photo booth setups, we recommend having at least a 10′ x 10′ space at the venue to comfortably fit photo booth, backdrop, prop table, and space for guests to walk in/out of the booth area (Note: The smallest space we’ve been set up in is a 8′ x 7′ space, it was tight, but it still worked!) For our smallest setups, we only take about 2′ x 2′ of space. Your venue will need one standard 3-prong 120v outlet within 25’ of where the booth will be placed. Also, if you are wanting to do social sharing or any social live feeds, video feeds, or other internet-based customization, a stable internet connection will need to be provided for these services. We can also accommodate venues without the electrical requirements listed above (such as outdoor festivals and events) for a small fee. If you need help or aren’t sure, contact us with the details and we can work with you and the venue to figure out a solution.

What if my venue is upstairs?

The photo booth will fit in most any modern elevators. Our employees are required to be able to lift the equipment in the manner required to set up the booth, but are not required to carry the booth components up a flight or flights of stairs. If your request is to run the booth on an upper-level part of your venue, this area must be accessible by an elevator, otherwise, this counts as an inaccessible location and we’ll have work with you and the venue to find a good backup location for the photo booth. If you’re unsure of your venue or have questions, contact us with the details and we can work with you and the venue to figure out a solution.

How many photos can be taken?

BoothEasy offers unlimited photo sessions with all packages. An on-site attendant will be there to ensure that everyone gets a chance for photos and that there are no slow-downs in the line. Also, our booth attendants can make sure certain people get VIP fast track access to the booth (i.e. for Weddings: the bride and groom; for corporate events: the sponsors or VIP guests). All BoothEasy packages include at least one on-site attendant to handle any issues that may arise.

Are the photos printed right on the spot?

Our BoothEasy Photo Booths are equipped with professional-level photo printers (the same kind used at photo development labs)! These are not your regular inkjets/laser printers you’re used to at the office or home. Each photo print set takes less than 10 seconds to print! With our speedy printers, guests do not have to wait around too long, and can take home all the fun memories of the event! Quality matters to us! Read about how we only offer quality prints!

Can we customize our prints?

Absolutely! Our photo booth prints are completely customizable. At BoothEasy, we offer a complete custom experience for each client. Our designers will create the brand and layout of your photo strips/print to match your event! The prints are fully customizable from color, font, logos, and more! Everything can be customized from our backdrops, the photo prints, menu interaction and more! To find out more about our customization capabilities, please check out our process or our corporate solutions!

How many people fit in one of your booths at a time?

BoothEasy uses a modern open-style photo booth to capture more of the action at the party. The BoothEasy Photo Booth is not your traditional enclosed photo booth where only 1-4 adults fit inside an enclosed space, but instead it’s open to allow more people to join in on the festivities. Typically we can have 10 people fit easily in a picture, but we’ve had set ups where we had 16-20 people in a picture. If you’re needing more than 20 people to fit into a picture, talk to us about our larger set ups!

How long is the rental period for the photo booth?

BoothEasy offers any amount of rental time for most events. The shortest rental time we offer is 2 hours, but the average event needs at least 3 to 4 hours for every guest to enjoy the booth. You can read more about our regular packages here. We have also done larger scale events (such as festivals or conferences) where the booth was rented for up to a week. Please make sure to specify how long you’ll need when you request a quote

Does an attendant come with the rental?

All BoothEasy photo booth rental will always come with at least one photo booth attendant. Depending on your rental duration or contract, we may have more attendants or brand ambassadors (corporate) at your event. Our booth attendants are there to assist guests through the photo experience! Our brand ambassadors are there to help spread the word about your company’s brand and/or products while guests are at our photo booth!

What happens if the area at the venue I choose doesn't work?

If your requested place to operate the booth is determined to be inaccessible or unsafe for any reason by our photo booth operator, a backup location will be chosen for setup. Usually, when we do our initial consultation with you, we’ll have discussed a backup location for the photo booth in case the main location is deemed an Inaccessible location due to unforeseen circumstances. (The most common situation this occurs is during an outdoor wedding that’s been rained out. There’s usually a location planned for the photo booth in the same area where the backup wedding ceremony location would be if it is rained out. Usually, this requires some pre-planning for backup plans to prevent such conflicts).

Does your booth work for outside events?

Definitely! BoothEasy Photo Booths are great for outside events as long as we meet a few requirements:
  • We need to be under cover (most events a tent works well). If there’s no cover provided, you can rent one of our tents for the event.
  • We need a 3-prong 120v power outlet 25 ft or closer for the booth to plug into. If there isn’t a power source nearby, talk to us about renting our mobile power station.
  • Our photo booth needs to be on a flat, hard surface. We are in Hill Country, but the booth will not work if it’s not level. (plus it’s dangerous!)

    What is your weather policy?

    The photo booths must be kept dry so rain or inclement weather can be an issue (See below for “Rain” situations). Outdoor events are fine as long as it is dry and under a tent enclosure (See below for “Heat” situations).

    Outdoor Event (rain) – If you are contracting our booth for an outdoor event, it is your responsibility to provide an area where the booth protected above from possible rain. If this protection is not provided, the booth operator will move the booth to an indoor location if available or if necessary, shut the booth down and load it back into our vehicle until the rain has passed. This time will count towards your ‘run time’.

    Outdoor Event (heat) – If you are contracting our booth for an outdoor event, you assume the risk of a scenario where the day is too hot and the booth must be set up indoors. Excessive heat can cause the numerous electrical components of the booth to operate incorrectly or cause issues with the ink and paper being printed. You are responsible for having an indoor backup plan.

    I have a photographer, why do I need a Photo Booth at my event?

    A photo booth is a not only a great way of recording the memories of the event, but it’s a fun, and entertainment for the guests at your event. Most event photographers focus on the main attraction of the event (i.e. wedding photographers focus on the bride and groom, festival/event photographers focus on the performers or whoever is on stage). They also focus on getting candid shots of the general crowd. Having a photo booth at the event helps capture the fun and memories of the guest and entertains them throughout the night. The guests will also have a keepsake from the event (the photo print) that they tend to keep far longer than most anything from the event! The added bonus is our photo booths are social, so guests can post their event photos to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)!

    What type of events would your photo booth be great at?

    Everything! Any event with attendees/guests will enjoy a photo booth! It’s a great way to have people interact with each other and to take home the memories of the event! Some examples of great events to have a photo booth at are: Anniversary Party, Apres Ski Party, Art Gallery Opening, Awards Night Party, Baby Shower, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party Banquet Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Birthday Party (Adults), Birthday Party (Children), Bridal Shower, Casino Event Celebration, Chinese New Year Party, Christening, Christmas Party, Church Service, Cinco De Mayo Party, Club Event, Cocktail Party, Coffee Shop, College Reunion, Commitment Ceremony, Community Event, Concert, Convention, Corporate Function, Country Club Event, Cruise Ship Event, Daytona 500 Party, Dinner, Dance, Divorce Party, Easter Celebration, Election Day Party, Engagement Party, Event Family Reunion, Father’s Day Party, Festival, Fraternity Function, Fundraiser Funeral, Graduation Party, Grand Opening, Halloween Party, Hanukkah Celebration, Happy Hour, High School Reunion, Holiday Party, Hotel Event, Inauguration Party, Jingle Party, July 4th Party, Kentucky Derby Party, Labor Day Party, Luau Party, March Madness Party, Mardi Gras Party, Masters Golf Tournament Party, Meeting Memorial Day Party, Memorial Service, Mother’s Day Party, Movie Soundtrack, New Year’s Eve Party, Nursing Home Event, Oktoberfest Party, Picnic Private Party, Prom, Quinceañera, Rehearsal, Dinner Resort Event, Restaurant Event, Retirement Party, Reunion, Saint Patrick’s Day Party, School Assembly, Sorority Function, Studio Session, Summer Olympics Party, Super Bowl Party, Sweet 16 Party, Temple Service, Thanksgiving Celebration, Tour de France Party, Trade Show TV Soundtrack, Valentine’s Day Party, Veteran’s Day Party, Wedding, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Cocktail Hour, Wedding Reception, Wine Tasting Party, Winter Olympics Party, World Cup Party and more!

    Is this like the photo booths at the mall?

    Not at all. The only similarity between the mall booths and the BoothEasy photo booths are that both take your pictures and print them out. From there, the similarities stop. Our photo booths print higher quality pictures and faster than your typical mall booth. Our booths also print out at varying sizes depending on your request: 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, 5×8, 6×9 and more. Our photo print outs are on archival-quality paper, the same you’d receive if you sent in pictures to the local photo lab to be printed.

    Most of the mall photo booths are the traditional enclosed space, where guests in a small contained space between curtains for pictures. The BoothEasy Photo Booth is not your traditional enclosed photo booth where only 1-4 adults fit inside an enclosed space, but instead it’s open to allow more people to join in on the festivities. Our BoothEasy photo booths offer more features such as Animated Gifs, Green Screen, Video Recordings, and more! The comparison between mall booths and ours is like comparing a golf cart to a sports car!

    What's the best BBQ brisket in Austin?

    If you know us from BoothEasy, we love our BBQ. Hands down, Franklin BBQ has the best brisket in Austin. However, that wait is now crazy! (4 hour wait!) If you’re in a pinch and craving some good BBQ head over to La Barbecue for amazing Beef Ribs and Pulled Pork or Micklethwait for good brisket and sides! One day (hopefully in the not too distant future), we can merge our love for BBQ and photo booths! 🙂

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